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Our Purpose

The beehive struck us as a perfect way to think about how our business is structured. It´s a busy place with a lot of buzz. Our Hive is formed by talented people, designers, inventors, developers, creators, artists, musicians, scientists, writers…all with a specific role pulling together to build up the super colony´s honeycomb cell by cell, happy client by happy client.

We work synergistically within The Hive bringing together market research and analytics, leading edge technology, exquisite graphic design and creative support for content development.

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01Digital Media Solutions

Innovative performance-driven brand and marketplace solutions
to connect Human Bee-ings and advertisers. We help you to identify your ideal client and what interests them so we can postion you in a trusted role to fulfil their needs with your unique products and services.


From your brand´s strengths and unique profile, we generate memorable experiences that connect you with your audience. We always have a Plan Bee! 😉

Our branding specialists will give you that competitive advantage you need to help you shine bright like a diamond. (Just like a song by Rihanna!)

03BeeHive Events

At BeeHive we create memorable experiences that fill the senses for our clients and their audience. We can organize and develop the theme, venues, logistics, talent and promotional items to make your event a huge success.

New product launch, grand openings, anniversary celebrations, tradeshows

Talk to us about making it epic.

04Video & Photo

High quality video production adds another level of excitement by featuring your brand in motion. Our team will help you envision and create your message to really show off the goods!

Photography is one of the most powerful visual arts that lets artists interpret how we see the world. A language that silently commands your attention.

At BeeHive we know the power of the visual language!

05Sports Marketing

The BeeHive Sports specializes in developing the best strategies for our client’s objectives in the areas of sports management and marketing. Our team of experts works with our clients to achieve their legacy at a Global level.

Our talent division oversees managing and creating the personal brands of each
of our clients through traditional marketing, digital marketing, endorsements,sponsorships, events and more.

06Digital Signage

Sometimes advertising and marketing is as simple as hanging up a sign letting the world know that you´re open for business.

At BeeHive, we have taken eye-catching digital signage to the next level providing an opportunity to supersize your branding.

Touchless user interfaces using holographic imaging, video landmarking that transforms the urban landscape and even good old billboards will demand your customer´s attention.

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